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In the 21st century, Perception and Reality are two entirely different concepts united by one major factor…News.

Sevengrounds allows you and your community to create your own identity in a truly democratic way via pure and uncensored news.

Serious news and issues get lost on other social networks among hundreds or irrelevant posts about cats in hats and pugs in bat suits. Also, the old mass-media corporations, owned by the wealthy 1%, censor and manipulate many stories before showing it to you.

With this citizen journalism platform, we propose a system in which you have the power to control information. We give you the tools to promote easier what’s important and bring down faster all manipulation attempts.

No matter what your interest is, you can see what is truly going on in different populations across the seven most important regions on the planet: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

If your story is truly concerning for those around you, it will democratically become the emblem of your city, then of your region, country, continent and ultimately, the emblem of the entire world.

If you plan to post fake or manipulative information, you will be detected and your credibility on Sevengrounds will be ruined, no matter how many times you try.